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Merrimac Capital Corporation
4440 Merrimac Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32210
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Merrimac Capital Corporation specializes in the following areas:

Transactional-To Buy, Sell, or Raise Capital

Sale of the Business or Business Units

  • Identify, in consultation with the Client, of a limited number of ideal strategic or financial buyers for the business or assets to be sold
  • Maintain confidentiality while contacting and communicating with prospects
  • Negotiate the Purchase & Sale Agreement to maximize after tax net present value to Client
  • Work with Client's attorneys and accountants through the closing of the transaction
  • Value, negotiate, and coordinate management or ESOP Buyout

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Analyze Client's financial capacity to pay for acquisitions, ownership issues in mergers
  • Identify a limited number of strategic acquisition or merger targets for Client
  • Negotiate a purchase or merger agreement that will be financially beneficial to the Client
  • Work with the Client's attorneys and accountants through the closing of the transaction

Raising Capital

  • Analyze Client's historical financial performance and current balance sheet
  • Determine, with Client, the financial needs of the business and the pro-forma performance of the business with the additional capital investment
  • Determinate the capital amount to be raised as debt and amount to be raised as equity
  • Prepare Confidential Information Memorandum describing the business, business prospects, reasons for raising capital, amounts being raised as equity and debt, and pro-forma returns to equity investors
  • Negotiate with lenders for debt capital, including banks, asset based lenders, insurance companies, etc.
  • Identify potential equity investors including presentation of confidential information to prospects
  • Negotiate structure of Equity Investment with Investor(s) on behalf of Client
  • Work with Client's attorneys and accountants, and with Investor(s) through the closing of the transaction

Consulting-To Increase Shareholder and Company Value

Shareholder and Financial Consulting

  • Corporate structure review and analysis
  • Shareholder issue analysis and resolution
  • Financial analysis
  • Budget and financial planning
  • Business pro-forma
  • Financial restructuring
  • Bank financing

Business Management and Operational Consulting

  • Business model definition and positioning
  • New venture validation and launch
  • Goal setting, prioritization
  • Business focus and improved effectiveness
  • Business strategy
  • Process management
  • Organizational structure and build out for growth
  • Restructure and turnaround management
  • Key initiative management
  • Executive coaching
  • Succession management mentoring
  • Business transition oversight
  • Business portfolio monitoring

Building and Marketing a Brand

  • Product analysis
  • Review of current marketing plan
  • Market analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Channels of distribution analysis
  • Review of pricing strategy
  • Establishing and building a brand
  • Implementation assistance

Our Uniqueness


  • Experts on Privately Owned Businesses and Real Estate Development
  • Disciplined business approach
  • Presentations include appropriate facts and substance necessary for informed decisions
  • Emphasis on improving core business fundamentals and management effectiveness

Proven Management Expertise

  • Experienced principals
  • Former CEOs in several industries
  • Licensed attorney with experience working with large scale real estate development projects
  • Real world experience in startup, growth, build out, trunaround, and IPO situations
  • Brand management experience with major branded consumer products
  • Hands-on, involved principals-Ongoing participation and availability
  • Extensive experience in transactions Buying, Selling, Merging entities, and Raising Capital

Each Client is treated as a partner, emphasizing Trust, Integrity, and Honesty

Merrimac Capital Corporation

4440 Merrimac Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Phone: (904) 537-3148

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